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Studio Policies for 2023 - 2024


Class Registration

Registration can be completed through our online system, or with a completed registration form. There is a non-refundable $35.00 registration fee per family due at the time of enrollment. Classes will not be held for any family that has not paid this fee.

   No promo codes can be used for "Dance with Me" or Summer Dance class sessions.



Our annual tuition rates are divided into 9 equal monthly payments (September through May) and are based on an annual course fee.  All vacations and holidays have been taken into consideration in arriving at these fees.  Student attendance does not affect tuition, and no tuition refunds will be given at any time, or for any reason, including but not limited to student absenteeism, students who quit lessons mid-month, or for any student whose tuition has been paid for the year in full.  Students forced to withdraw from lessons because of medical reasons may show a doctor’s note and any prepaid tuition will be held as a credit towards tuition for the immediately following dance year (non-transferable).  Tuition for any student starting after the first class will be prorated. 


Tuition Rates HERE


Payment Policy

September tuition is due by the first class with each following monthly payment due on the 10th of each month.   Tuition payments received between the 11th and 20th of any given month will be charged a $5.00 late fee.  Tuition payments not received by the 20th of any given month will be charged a $10.00 late fee.


We accept VISA, Master Card, Discover, American Express, checks and cash.  Also accepting FlexFit, PersonalBest and Blue Cross/Blue Shield cards.  Checks can be made payable to “Modern Movement Dance Studio, Inc.” and dropped off at the dance studio or mailed to 861 Brighton Road, Tonawanda, NY 14150.


We also offer the convenience of automatic recurring billing to your credit card each month.  You must submit a signed authorization form with your credit card information to set up recurring payments.  Recurring payments will be run on the 10th of each month, September through May, or, if your auto-bill is started after the first month of classes, then the month immediately following its submission.


There is a $35.00 service charge on all returned checks.  Any account with more than 2 returned checks will be required to pay in cash.  Any student who falls behind more than 2 months on tuition will be required to sit out of class until their account is brought up-to-date including all late fees.


Tuition paid in full for the year by September 30th with cash or check will receive a 6% discount.  Tuition paid in full by September 30th with a credit card will receive a 4% discount.  Half-year payments received by September 30th and January 30th will receive a 3% discount.  All tuition is non-refundable once paid - NO EXCEPTIONS.


Studio Calendar

We are not closed every time there is a day off of school, nor are we closed for every holiday that schools close for. 

We will be closed on Halloween (if it falls on a weekday), the Wednesday through Sunday of Thanksgiving weekend, two weeks surrounding Christmas and New Year's, President’s week in February, and one week surrounding Easter.  If the dance recital date falls after Memorial Day, we will also be closed Memorial Day. 


Class Attendance and Class Placement

Ages listed on class levels are to be used as a guideline. Generally, we will use November 15, 2023 as the cutoff date for minimum ages for our younger dancers. However, our class placement is based on skill mastery and readiness, not necessarily by age, and is solely at the discretion of the instructor.


Good attendance and being on time to class is imperative and should be taken seriously.   Excessive absences and tardiness can limit the progress of a dancer and affect the overall growth and development of an entire class.  Students consistently late to class or who miss frequently may not progress as quickly as their peers and may be asked to move down in level.  The ability for a dancer to attend a makeup class at a different level is at the discretion of our teachers.


If a dancer is ill, we ask that they not attend class. If a dancer is going to be out for an extended period of time due to an illness please inform us as soon as possible so that the teacher can plan class progression accordingly. Injured dancers should still attend class as they can learn by watching the other students.


Studio Waiting Area and Watch Weeks

Our waiting area is closed to all guests with the exception of one (1) adult per Tiny Tots, beginner hip hop, or beginner acro dancer who may stay in our waiting area during class. Dancers in a 5/6 combo or level 1 class will be walked upstairs by a teacher or class assistant, and escorted out to the parking lot after class. All other dancers may enter the studio and walk upstairs without an escort.


All belongings brought into the studio must be labeled with the dancer’s first and last name, including all street shoes, dance shoes, and dance bags.  No food is allowed in the dance studio at any time. Water bottles are allowed and should also be labeled.


We will invite parents up into the studio four (4) times throughout the year to watch their dancer’s class.  These observations will be held the week of Halloween, the week before our Christmas and New Year’s break, and two (2) additional weeks later in the year to show the progress of your child’s recital dance.


Cancellations and Emergency Closings

The dance studio will close when the Kenmore-Tonawanda School District closes due to inclement weather.  Please check our Facebook page as well as your email for closing information as these are your primary sources for closing information.  Studio closings may also be posted on channels 2, 4 and 7 but that is not guaranteed.  Text alerts are also available but are optional and must be signed up for each new dance year.  Families will not be called individually if the studio closes for any reason. No tuition refunds will be given for any reason including studio closings and make up lessons are at the discretion of the teacher.


Regularly scheduled classes will be held in-person only; no Zoom option will be offered for dancers unable to attend class. Should there be any reason that Modern Movement is forced to close to in-studio instruction for an extended period of time, pre-recorded classes, Zoom classes, or classes taught over any other live-streaming platforms will take over instruction.  In this scenario, tuition payments will continue to be due as regularly scheduled and no refunds will be given for tuition paid in advance.


Solos, Duets, and Trios

Any student who wishes to perform a solo, duet or trio in the dance recital must be enrolled in the style of dance they wish to perform, as well as be enrolled in a ballet class.  The student wishing to perform a solo, duet or trio may miss up to 3 ballet classes during the dance year, however more than 3 misses will disqualify that dancer from being eligible to perform a solo, duet or trio.


Class Assistants

Students ages 12 years or older who show a true love of dance and the desire to help others may be asked to become a class assistant.  Students asked will have shown that they are responsible, outgoing, kind, and patient. They must be enrolled in a ballet class and may not miss more than 4 ballet classes during the year. They must have studied the style of dance they are to assist for a minimum of 3 years, as well as currently be enrolled in that style, and may not miss more than 4 of those classes in a year.  Class assistants unable to make it to their assigned class must give their instructor at least 48 hours’ notice, except in emergencies, and are responsible for finding their own coverage for the class they are missing.  Class assistants who show poor class attendance, are frequently tardy, or who act in a way contradictory to their role model status, will be asked to step down from being a class assistant.  Further guidelines set forth in our Assistant Handbook will be reviewed with the dancers who are asked to be a class assistant.


Please email us at with any questions or concerns you may have throughout the year.